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Ricky Rosen
LTC Funding Specialist
Email: roseninsurance@gmail.com

Ricky Rosen  has been a licensed health and life insurance agent since 1997.  He started his career working with his family owned independent insurance agency domicile in South Florida in 1974.  Their agency was one of the few that successfully specialized  in Long Term Care Insurance.  Ricky's exposure to seeing first hand the financial and emotional impact that client's and families went through from a Long Term Care crisis played a big role on his career path.  Over his 20+ years of assisting people in their long term care needs.  He received many awards and recognition for taking that extra step in guiding clients to pre plan or if they needed immediate extended care health services. He currently works with Long Term Care Resources that allows him  to continue to provide the best tools, plans, and worth with the most ethical  co-workers to maintain his passion for Long Term Care.

Ricky Rosen went to college in Gainesville,  Florida.    He first started at Santa Fe Community College to obtain his Bachelor of Arts.  Then he continued his studies at the University of Florida.  In his free time you can find Ricky reading, exercising at the  beach,  listening to  music, and as a hobby he always keeps up with the latest technology.

The Problem Hasn’t Changed But the Solutions Have:


An overview of our LTC Funding solutions can be found on the chart below. Each option has its benefits and drawbacks, and your medical situation is an important factor in the options available to you. Products do vary by State. Your Advisor can provide you with an analysis of the options in your state and aid you in deciding if one is right for you and your family.

New Taxes?

As many states struggle to meet the soaring demands of their Medicaid long-term care programs, many are considering increasing taxes on their citizens. Washington recently enforced a mandatory payroll tax for its citizens to fund a small LTC benefit plan, and an additional fifteen states are considering taking similar measures. If the Washington example is followed in your State, buying private long-term care plans could provide an exemption from this mandatory state tax and more comprehensive coverage.

Your assigned Advisor will provide you with a Market Update customized to your state to help you better understand the repercussions of mandatory state programs and other relevant information.

Tools to Help You Develop a Strategy

Working with over 500 professional and alumni members, we know we work with a highly educated clientele that wants to learn on their own.  We have added several tools to help you learn more about the costs of long term care and the price of various solutions  

Costs of Care

To help you understand the risk you are trying to cover, there are two tools to help you learn about the current and future costs of care in your state or states you are considering retirementment.  

Costs of Coverage

To get an idea on costs there are several rate calculator tools to give you an estimate on the premiums for each plan type. 

Insurance vs. Self-Funding

Instead of insurance, could you set aside funds to pay for care on your own?   This tool will help you calculate different returns and what you would need match the leverage of insurance. 

Additional Infomation

Why Insurance?

Because you can’t out invest it!

Required Minimum Distributions

What are they and what should you know?

* Source: www.aaltci.org


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Rick Leonard

Since 1997, LTCR has been providing service for life to millions of members of our partnering alumni and professional associations. Over 600 of these highly respected organizations trust in LTCR to provide the highest level of integrity, knowledge and our personal touch. We hope you will too. On behalf of our team of specialists across the U.S., we look forward to serving you.

— Rick