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The core benefit of the LTCRplus program is helping members develop a plan for how they will pay for the potential expenses associated with their extended care. Since 1998, LTCR has helped over a half a million people understand the risk, costs, and financial solutions available to pay for long term care.

While a lot has changed in the last year, the problem has not. Long term care is expensive. You can use the interactive cost of care tool below to review the average cost of care in your area.

While the problem has not changed, the solutions have.  You can click below to view our LTC Solutions Kit. This comprehensive guide will provide you with a great overview of the types of coverage available to fund your future care, including the newly developed “Hybrid” LTC plans that offer guaranteed premiums and benefits even if you don’t need care.

Download the LTC Solutions Kit as part of your response to this program, you have also been assigned to an LTCR Advisor. This Advisor will follow up with you to make sure you understand all the resources available through LTCRplus and provide custom quotes based on your specific age, health, and type of solution you are interested in evaluating.

If you are not interested in any of these solutions, you already have coverage or you replied primarily for access to the other LTCRplus benefits, just let your LTCR Advisor know. We know from experience that circumstances change both individually and in the marketplace. The LTC Funding benefit will remain available and be updated to adapt to these changes.

Insurance Works: Whether you have a policy, previously looked at buying coverage or are just starting the evaluation process, it is important to understand that LTC insurance works.  Policies in force are currently paying over $33 million in benefits per day.  In 2021 the LTC industry paid over $12.3 billion in claims.*


Michael Erony
LTC Funding Specialist
Email: merony@ltcrpacific.com
License:CA License #0C91670

Michael has been active in the financial services industry for the past 20 years guiding individuals, families and business owners in the application of retirement, insurance solutions and asset protection strategies for wealth preservation and restoration.

His background includes a practitioner phase within California State Government focusing on it’s Mental Health Division and Community Health Outreach Services and a research phase as an Academic pursuing a Doctorate in Public Administration-Finance at the University of Southern California.

Michael’s assurance is to preserve his client’s capital by creating tax-sheltered retirement income to insure they never lose or run out of money during their retirement years.

Mr. Erony is nationally recognized for his expertise in providing extended care planning solutions for individuals, families, business owners and professional group practices. He offers various approaches to funding the high cost of care, while preserving capital, creating tax-sheltered retirement income and assisting his clients to more profitably organize their assets. A Certified Long Term Care Planning Specialist, Michael is also a founding member of the Association of Long-Term Care Insurance and served GE Financial Services-Division of Long Term Care as a member of its Executive Team-Los Angeles.

His other memberships have included: The Society of Certified Senior Advisors, The Million Dollar Round-table, The Asset Protection Society and The Wealth Preservation Institute-Chicago, Ill. He has served as an Advisory Board Member of the Senior Marketing Advisor Journal and member of The Center for Long Term Care Reform-Seattle, WA.

In his role as an Educator, Mr. Erony has taught retirement workshops, and led seminars/public information programs for seniors, trade associations, philanthropic organizations and medical industry groups on extended care planning, the issues of aging, the impact of Medicare and Social Security on retirement planning.

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* Source: www.aaltci.org


About Us

Long-Term Care Resources (LTCR) is a national insurance agency and marketing company dedicated to Long-Term Care Insurance and the senior market. LTCR represents the top LTC insurance companies in the industry.

LTCR is one of the leading independent LTC distributors in the country. LTCR specializes in marketing LTC insurance through partnering with organizations such as professional associations, alumni groups, and small businesses. LTCR is the endorsed LTC provider for over 650 affinity organizations. Founded in 1997, LTCR has helped nearly 600,000 affinity members with their long-term care planning needs.

Through LTCR’s marketing programs and our national network of LTC Specialists, clients are able to compare multiple LTC plans from the top carriers in the market. In addition, our clients are able to obtain certain plans at discounted rates not available to the general public.

We look forward to assisting you with your long-term care planning needs.

Rick Leonard

Since 1997, LTCR has been providing service for life to millions of members of our partnering alumni and professional associations. Over 600 of these highly respected organizations trust in LTCR to provide the highest level of integrity, knowledge and our personal touch. We hope you will too. On behalf of our team of specialists across the U.S., we look forward to serving you.

— Rick